Communications Co-ordinator

The Kindling Trust and Bridge 5 Mill

An exciting communications role, putting into action our communications strategy for Bridge 5 Mill, the Kindling Trust and Veg Box People. 

We are at an exciting time in the life of our organisations and there has never been a
more important time for us to communicate our vision, the opportunities we have to offer and
the ways people can get involved. We are looking for someone with the experience, skills and
energy to help us do that.

We are a pioneering family of organisations based in Greater Manchester and promoting
ecological and social justice through a broad range of activities and projects. 

Bridge 5 Mill is a centre of social change designed as a sustainable venue and aimed to
facilitate a community of changemakers in the north west. We provide a range of characterful
work and events spaces and aim to deliver many activities in line with our vision. Your role at
Bridge 5 Mill will be to promote our social change vision, changemakers, activities and spaces.
You will also be instrumental in delivering good reception, events and making our mill a
thriving community hub.

The Kindling Trust works to create a fairer, more sustainable society, starting with
the food system. Over the last 15 years, Kindling has established and run a series of practical
projects to engage people in sustainable food and farming. This includes: our thriving Woodbank
Community Food Hub; FarmStart market garden and training programme; Veg Box People; and
Kindling Farm a pioneering 77 acre agroforestry farm that we are currently establishing between
Manchester and Liverpool.

Your role will be to promote these sustainable food, community, wellbeing activities:
helping us to increase the markets for our delicious veg and engage more people in creating a
better food system for all. 

We are aware that this is a big job, but it is also a very exciting one. We are looking
for someone with the skills, passion and commitment to work with us and engage people in the
ecological and social change we desperately need to see.

Main Duties include:

Bridge 5 Mill Communications Role

To develop and lead our communications and marketing resources, including:

  • Developing our social impact.
  • Creating high quality, unique multimedia content.
  • Establishing and promoting Bridge 5 Mill as an inspiring social change
  • Facilitating onsite community networking and communications by engaging with our
  • Representing Bridge 5 Mill values and agenda to events and partners.
  • Developing professional marketing and administrative documentation.
  • Presenting and delivering innovative strategies in line with the operations and
    mill development.
  • Monitoring our website and other platforms appeal and performance.
  • Answering written, phone and in person queries, managing feedback and creating
  • Attending events and working with visitors and partners to promote their events and
  • Create video and interview content as part of our new red bricks sessions.
  • Ensuring all content and resources are in line with Bridge 5 Mill
  • Reporting to the board of directors on the communications and social impact

To assist the Bridge 5 Mill team in delivering operational activities by:

  • Delivering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Delivering a reception service to assist any visitors and changemakers.
  • Hosting events and participating in the delivery of Bridge 5 Mill
  • Being a fire marshal and first aider on site.

Kindling Trust Communications Role 

Promotion of the Kindling Trust, its partners and the Kindling Farm involving a number
of regular ongoing tasks, including: 

  • Co-ordinating the content for our various different E-Bulletins.
  • Distributing our various monthly E-Bulletins (for Kindling Trust supporters,
    volunteers and also Kindling Farm members).
  • Writing or co-ordinating content for our website, including: events and regular
    ‘Latest News’ pieces
  • Promoting our activities and events through social media.
  • Creating leaflets to promote our various activities and projects.

Veg Box People 

Promotion of our veg box scheme to both help us greatly increase the number of veg bags
we sell each week and encourage cafes, restaurants and public institutions to buy our local
organic fresh produce.

The role will include:

  • Development of promotional materials for our customers.
  • Development of materials for our collection points.
  • Promotion of local sustainable food and our products via social media.
  • Helping to implement our strategy to increase customer numbers e.g. through running
    a stall at different collection points.

General responsibilities of this post

  • Responding to news that is relevant to our wider vision and values and sharing
    activities etc. from others who we work with within our movement and networks.
  • To support the teams in creating posters, leaflets and other materials to engage
    our local community and people who do not use social media.
  • Reporting progress to our Trustees.
  • Reflecting the Group’s vision and principles, strategy and policies at all
  • Be aware of and complying with all relevant policies and procedures. 
  • Fulfilling such other duties and assignments as may be required from time to
  • Working with the Office Manager to manage the communications budget.

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