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13 February 2024

Digital Sales Expert

Imagine yourself at the heart of a digital revolution, at the crossroads of state-of-the-art technology and transformative healthcare solutions. As a Digital Sales Expert, you’re not just a salesperson; you’re a conductor, orchestrating the harmonious fusion of growth and innovation in the dental industry.

Your Role in the Symphony

Guided by the Digital Platform and Solutions manager, your mission is clear: amplify the resonance of our cutting-edge equipment, and its users. Your canvas encompasses the captivating realms of Intraoral scanners, Chairside CADCAM & Imaging products, and your brushstroke wields the power to meet and exceed sales and revenue targets in alignment with our grand vision.

In your journey, you’ll be more than a salesperson; you’ll be a mentor, a guide, and a guardian for our equipment dealer network. Your task is to bestow the gift of innovative products upon our end users, helping them unlock a world of digital possibilities.

Your Main Responsibilities

* The Virtuoso Presentation: You are the virtuoso who will captivate and convince, showcasing the brilliance of your digital portfolio.
* Conducting Relationships: Your task isn’t just sales; it’s the symphony of relationships. You’ll harmonise with key stakeholders in the dealer network to create a melodious revenue crescendo.
* Collaborative Crescendos: Team up with our Territory Account Managers, as you collectively weave the melody of workflow implementation, bringing regional growth to a harmonious peak.
* Swift Response to Opportunities: Like a conductor following the beat, ensure all opportunities are addressed promptly, creating a flawless, uninterrupted rhythm.
* The Salesforce Sonata: Utilise Salesforce to compose and execute effective outcomes, ensuring your performance is orchestrated to perfection.
* Analytical Aria: Analyse business trends, compose and perform territory business plans, ensuring that every note played aligns with the grand symphony.
* Stage Performances: Take the spotlight, delivering captivating presentations and demonstrations at industry and company events, dazzling the audience with your verbal prowess.
* Regional Overture: Organise mesmerising sales demonstrations in your region, playing a symphony with allocated leads, opportunities, and target accounts.
* Maestro Training: Support our equipment dealer network, providing the necessary knowledge and expertise, turning them into virtuosos, thus ensuring we remain their partner of choice for Digital Equipment & Solutions.

Your Competencies:

* The School of Experience: A Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent industry experience, your foundation for this epic performance.
* High-End Expert: Previous experience selling high-end equipment, ideally from major brands in the market or Dental Capital equipment knowledge.
* Dental Sonata: A strong background in dentistry or dental sales, your backstage pass to understanding the industry’s intricacies.
* The Organised Overture: Highly organised, you strive for efficiency, seeking to perfect your art of orchestration.
* Soloist and Collaborator: You can take the spotlight individually or play seamlessly in a highly collaborative team, a versatile artist.
* The Passionate Virtuoso: Self-motivated, with an unwavering enthusiasm for working independently.
* Clarity in Composition: A structured and clear thinker, with the ability to prioritise a demanding workload through business planning and territory management.
* Technological Harmony: Fluent in the language of technology: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, your instruments of choice.
* Masterful Communication: Outstanding communication skills, including the art of presentation.
* Multilingual Virtuosity: Fluent in English, with additional languages as an advantage, broadening the scope of your performance.
* The Traveling Symphony: Ready to undertake regular business travel, spending around 4 nights per month abroad
* Driver of Dreams: A valid local driving license, ensuring you can navigate the highways of success.

The Grand Finale

As the final crescendo approaches, be ready to bask in the spotlight of a competitive salary and an extensive benefits package, your well-deserved standing ovation for a performance that defines the future of digital sales.

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