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Université Savoie Mont Blanc

7 Feb 2024
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Université Savoie Mont Blanc
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3 May 2024 – 12:00 (Europe/Paris)
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2 Apr 2024
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With more than 15,000 students, a rich multidisciplinary training offer with a hundred national degrees, and quality laboratories that place it in the Shanghai ranking, the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) is a human-sized institution that combines research and professionalization, proximity to its territories, and a wide opening to the world.The University of Savoie Mont Blanc is a founding member of UNITA Universitas Montium, an alliance selected by the European Commission in 2020 to experiment with a new model of European University. Since November 2023,the alliance has 12 partner universities in 7 European countries.

The EDYTEM (CNRS/USMB) laboratory is an interdisciplinary laboratory that addresses environmental issues in an approach strongly integrating: (i) a spatial dimension through the study of territories, geological structures, nesting of forms, and notions of scales; (ii) a temporal dimension through the reconstruction of past evolutions through forms, fillings, natural and textual archives, and archaeological sites; (iii) a social dimension by questioning the links between culture and nature, particularly in terms of relations with natural heritage and its enhancement or preservation; (iv) a “process” dimension by questioning in many cases the physical, chemical, biological, and social
processes that mark our environment and lead to the transformation of materials. The proposed postdoctoral mission is part of the research of the MATIERES team, one of the four teams of the EDYTEM laboratory. The team’s research focuses on materials of economic and/or cultural interest, in other words, materials voluntarily
used and/or transformed by humans, whether natural or synthetic. From fundamental to applied, the team is interested in the processes and/or processes of transformation of these materials (synthesis, formation, functionalization, shaping, alteration, aging, degradation) using different resources (organic, mineral, or metallic) through the study and elucidation of different mechanisms (reactivities, interactions). The team is particularly recognized at the national and international levels for its work in green chemistry, biomass valorization, and waste management, as well as in the use of non-conventional activation methods (ultrasound, microwaves, supercritical fluids) in the  developed processes.

Description of the Project and Associated Research Activities:

The postdoctoral mission is integrated within the VITIVALO research program, led by the University of Savoie Mont Blanc. This program aims to propose new pathways for the valorization of vineyard waste, following a sustainable and circular economy approach. It involves close collaboration with various territorial partners, whether professional, institutional, public, academic, or associative. This project has received financial support from the University of Savoie Mont Blanc, the USMB Foundation, Crédit Agricole des Savoie, ADEME, Savoie Mont Blanc Council, the Department of Savoie, as well as various patrons. It involves applied research work and requires significant interactions with local actors.

The postdoctoral mission builds on previous research results since 2017, which form the basis of new scientific explorations. The main objective is to develop and formulate an active extract from vineyard waste, to fight against certain vine diseases. This work is part of the quest for new valorization methods within the VITIVALO project. The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for coordinating and organizing experiments, taking into account preliminary results, viticultural practices, and seasonal constraints. They will also need to seek and propose innovative solutions regarding the stability and formulation of extracts for use in biocontrol. An important part of their mission will consist of maintaining fluid communication between the various partners of the VITIVALO project; they will actively contribute to the valorization of the obtained results, whether through the writing of publications and/or the presentation of oral communications at congresses, thus participating in the overall success of the project.

Missions and Activities of the Position:
Placed under the supervision of Grégory CHATEL (USMB) and Christine PEPIN (University of Avignon), the recruited postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for the following tasks, in accordance with the procedures established in the laboratory:
– Develop processes for extracting natural substances.
– Design formulations whose physico-chemical properties (particularly droplet size and active concentration) are tailored to the intended applications.
– Characterize the obtained formulations, whether nano- or microemulsions, including dosing and characterization of molecules of interest, monitoring of particle size over time, designing, and analyzing liquid and/or dry formulations.
– Study the stability (UV, leaching, etc.) of the extracts and formulations to evaluate their effectiveness under real conditions (applications in greenhouses and/or fields).
– Prepare presentations for meetings with partners, write semi-annual activity reports, and contribute to the valorization of research work, notably through participation in writing publications and presenting oral communications.
– Manage stocks necessary for the smooth running of the missions, including waste management and coordination of orders in the laboratory.

Working Conditions:
The postdoctoral mission will take place in a context of close collaboration, not only with the EDYTEM research team but also with external partners. Regular interactions, in the form of meetings and experiments, will be organized with researchers from Agroscope in Switzerland. These exchanges will be crucial for the preparation and execution of greenhouse and field trials. A significant part of the mission will take place on the campus of the University of Avignon, where the postdoctoral researcher will work under the supervision of Christine PEPIN. The focus will be on developing innovative formulations using original green chemistry methods. The success of this mission will depend heavily on the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with all teams, which will be facilitated by regular meetings to ensure optimal monitoring and coordination of the project.




Research Field
Education Level
PhD or equivalent


The candidate must possess a strong background in chemistry, complemented by practical experience in analytical chemistry, especially in the fields of extraction and formulation of natural substances. Profound mastery of analytical equipment software, such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), is essential. Moreover, expertise or a marked interest in green chemistry is highly desired. It is essential that the candidate demonstrates the ability to work independently and shows initiative and rigor in conducting their research. Concurrently, the ability to collaborate effectively with various partners, both within the research team and with external collaborators, is indispensable for the success of the project. This dual skill set, combining autonomy and teamwork, is at the heart of expectations for this position.

Recruitment is open to individuals holding a doctorate awarded by a French university or a diploma recognized as equivalent by the university, notably a doctorate or PhD awarded by a foreign university.

Specific Requirements

Specifics Related to the Position, if Applicable:
In addition to developments carried out at EDYTEM (Campus du Bourget-du-Lac, USMB), a significant part of the postdoctorate will take place on the Jean-Henri Fabre campus of the University of Avignon (within the SAFE team of the UPRI). To facilitate the logistics related to this move, coverage of travel expenses and part of the accommodation costs will be implemented. This measure aims to support the postdoctoral researcher in their research activities and ensure a smooth transition between different work sites.

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USMB – Laboratoire EDYTEM (Composante de rattachement UFR SceM)

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