Postdoctoral researcher (M/F) – comparative transcriptomics, developmental biology

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Postdoctoral researcher (M/F) – comparative transcriptomics, developmental biology


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Offer DescriptionYour role: Join the new ERC project NOVELTEETH led by Alexa SADIER at the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences in Montpellier (ISE-M) as a postdoctoral researcher. This project aims to understand the origin and diversification of a major mammalian innovation- tooth classes – from genotype to phenotype using interdisciplinary approaches. To do this, you will work on morphological and transcriptomic data in adults and embryos on multiple species of bats from different ecological niches using innovative high-throughput approaches and ultimately extend these findings to other mammals. This position offers a unique opportunity to work both on morphological and developmental data using cutting-edge techniques both in the field and in the lab.Key responsibilities:
The proximal objective is to precisely determine the morphological and transcriptomic signatures of each class of tooth (incisors, canines, premolars and molars) in bats in order to generalize these signatures to mammals. You will also have the opportunity to develop your own research in the scope of the research performed in the lab. To do so, you will:

  • Implement spatial transcriptomic techniques in bats and developing teeth – you will develop spatial transcriptomics approaches (including sample preparation, transcriptome reconstruction and assembly, interpretation of results using proprietary tools of the techniques used 10x Visium, Curio and/or MERFISH)
  • Establish morphological morphospaces during development in collaboration with a PhD student – you will reconstruct the morphological signature for each tooth classes during development in multiple species of bats from µCT scans and develop new methods (landmark, geometric morphometric) to compare the developing morphospaces. You will work on μCT scans generated at ISE-M and/or previously obtained assisted by a technician.
  • Collect samples in the field (Trinidad, Dominican Republic) in intensive fieldwork expedition demanding long hours of work at night in remote locations.
  • Collaborate with an international network of collaborators
  • Communicate your results – share your results through publications, presentations at international conferences and reports

The candidate will join the NOVELTEETH group led by Dr. A. Sadier (CNRS) in the Macroevolution and Development team ( ), coordinated by Dr. C. Martinand-Mari (CNRS) in the research unit Institut des Sciences de l’évolution de Montpellier (ISE-M). You will work in a friendly environment in the beautiful city of Montpellier. The lab is highly collaborative and you will beneficiate form the expertise of world-renowned researcher in paleontology, genomics, evolutionary biology and ecology. willRequirementsResearch Field Biological sciences Education Level PhD or equivalentResearch Field Environmental science Education Level PhD or equivalentLanguages FRENCH Level BasicResearch Field Biological sciences Years of Research Experience 1 – 4Research Field Environmental science Years of Research Experience 1 – 4Additional InformationEligibility criteriaQualifications

  • Bioinformatics analyses of transcriptomic data: genome mapping, assembly
  • Statistical analyses of transcriptomic data: comparative analyses between consecutive developmental stages and interspecific comparison within a constrained phylogenetic framework
  • Strong experience in Molecular Biology: DNA Sequences, Transcription
  • Excellent knowledge of transcriptomic data analysis pipelines
  • Strong experience in Evolutionary Biology: Evolutionary processes of gene expression regulation, Phylogenetics.
  • Proficiency in the R or python languages
  • Literature review of the applicable methods
  • Fluency in English
  • Outdoor skills (backpacking, climbing, caving) will be a bonus
  • A knowledge of morphological methods (segmentation on CT scans, landmarking, geometric morphometrics) will be a bonus

Candidates will be expected to have a PhD or equivalent in a related discipline (evolutionary biology or bioinformatics), with experience in statistical analysis under R or python and transcriptomic data analysis pipelines.Additional commentsThis is a 12 months contract renewable 3 times. Candidates who want to invest in the project will be preferred. Website for additional job detailsWork Location(s)Number of offers available 1 Company/Institute Institut des Sciences de l’Évolution de Montpellier Country France City MONTPELLIER GeofieldWhere to apply WebsiteContact CityMONTPELLIER WebsiteSTATUS: EXPIRED

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Thu, 25 Apr 2024 05:04:23 GMT

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